December 6, 2022


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A powerful flash every 76 seconds strikes the Earth from the abyss of space

A powerful flash every 76 seconds strikes the Earth from the abyss of space

Scientists from the University of Sydney report the discovery of an unusual object that an astronomer has not yet seen. object named PSR J0901-4046 It rotates on its axis at a tremendous speed, but it is still uncommon. as a result , Generates a strong glow every 76 seconds. Astronomers announced that it is a record number out of 3,000 similar objects of this type discovered.

Observations on the object showed that we are dealing with it here neutron star. It is the remnant of a massive star, the mass of which can boast about 10 times the mass of the Sun. At the end of its turbulent life, it exploded as a supernova and later collapsed into a neutron star.

These are extraordinary things. As stars, they can be several times larger and larger than our star today, and neutron stars Its diameter is only 30 km And the mass of two solar masses. This shows how dense these objects are and how strong their gravity is.

Although PSR J0901-4046 orotates around its axis Very fast, compared to Earth, because we’re not talking about 24 hours here, but 76 seconds, but it’s very slow in the case of things like this. Most of them are even milliseconds. That is why this neutron star so fascinates astronomers.

Scientists know very little about these types of things. They unofficially talk about him as the first known representative of the class long range magnetic. Getting to know them better may allow you to add another mystery to the puzzle, which is to learn the history of the development of the universe after the Big Bang.

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