The player does wonders in the famous game, it is half a second to perfection
August 9, 2022, 13:18

The young sprint enthusiast beat his previous score by 5 frames, getting closer and closer to the best possible time to finish the game. This is a challenge that has not been overcome in nearly 40 years.

If you have ever watched speed runners struggle with any game, you know how precise and difficult these attempts can be. Just like in the Olympics, records are measured even in milliseconds, which are often crucial. This was also the case here.

Nevitsky He’s a live creator and YouTuber who, as he says in his channel description, “plays games twice his age and does it really fast.” This is a funny understatement because The boy currently holds the world record for the fastest achievement of the original Super Mario Bros. From 1985. He managed to break through last weekend Best approach so farwhich was also written by him.

An outstanding player again took the Any% challenge, which means that he can use all the tricks that allow you to skip certain parts of the game and thus save valuable time. Thanks to this, he was able to finish Super Mario Bros. Its an impressive timing of 4:54798.

The player does wonders in the popular game, there is half a second to perfect - Illustration #1

A score of less than five minutes is in itself amazing for casual players, but the biggest surprise is the fact that The speedrunner broke the previous record with this approach (4: 54.881) By only 5 frames of animation, or 0.1 seconds. This is the level of accuracy required of fans of the unique style of the game.

Interestingly, all this was achieved on the emulator with the help of the keyboard. Niftski’s description video Explain:

The emulator that supports this game is 100% compatible with the original, which means that everything that can be done on the NES is also possible on the emulator. There is no point in using the keyboard, and one might say it is a worse option for the quick launch of this game.

With this achievement, we are getting closer to experiencing the ideal approach. Using technology designed to facilitate speed, fans Super Mario Bros. Discover The minimum amount of time that can be achieved by passing the game flawlessly and improving each click. With the latest record, Niftski is only 0.533 seconds away from this impressive result.

History is written before our eyes. Perhaps in the fifty years of existence of this famous game, we will be able to note which player will perfectly defeat it.

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