The mysterious planet Nibiru was about to collide with Earth, ending life as we know it

The planet Nibiru is primarily associated with the prophecy of the end of the world. However, the deadline for the end of life on Earth was originally set on December 16, 2018. Now, Mike Buckner has decided to give Nibiru a new lease on life by scheduling its close encounter with Earth on August 18, 2023. Either way, nothing happens, and since Nibiru not seen, and so on There is no confirmation of its existence.

Some say that Mars became a barren planet as a result of its collision with Nibiru. Others speculate that he drove in the past to the extinction of the dinosaurs. There is no evidence that the mysterious planet actually exists. Astronomical research is constantly providing us with new research Information about new planetsBut none of them are definitely on a collision course with Earth.

Even NASA has talked about it, which he patiently explains is nothing Nibiru does not exist.

Once again, it was extracted from the depths of the internet by a man who claimed on his Phone X to be Nibiru This time is definitely coming. He claimed that as a result of the collision with an imaginary planet, we will witness a series of disasters. Such disasters will take over the earth as Fires, earthquakes or floods.

He urged people to do so They took refuge in caves and dugoutsAnd they do not forget their families and even their neighbors. But he commanded not to exaggerate the number of neighbors …

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