A new mutation of the Corona virus in Poland.  This is the Colombian variant of Mu

  • At the moment, no one in Poland has a mu mutation
  • Recently, the World Health Organization included this variant in the list of controlled mutations
  • The Mu type was discovered in Colombia in January. In this country, it is responsible for 39 per cent. However, infections occur less frequently around the world
  • More information can be found on the Onet homepage

As added by Wojciech Andrusiewicz, the Mu variant is still very few in our country. It is controlled by the delta variable. – At the moment, there is no person infected with this mutation in the Corona virus – said the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health.

A new mutation of the Corona virus in Poland. This is the Colombian variant of Mu

The Mu variant is also known as B.1.621. The World Health Organization added that Recently, he has been interested in his list of mutations.

The first studies of the Mu variant indicate that it can attack the body in a similar way to the beta variant, also known as South Africa.

The Mu type was first discovered in January in Colombia. Since then, the disease has spread to dozens of countries around the world, but is responsible for less than 0.1% globally. All infections. It is different in South American countries. In Colombia, the Mu variant is found in 39 percent. Cases of coronavirus infection, and in Ecuador 13%. who are they.

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Corona Virus. There are no indications of the spread of COVID-19 booster vaccines

– The European Medicines Agency and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control have issued a technical report reporting on booster and additional vaccinations. First, they say there are currently no grounds for introducing generic booster vaccines in Europe. Second, they recommend and recommend the introduction of additional vaccines for immunocompromised people, Andrewsewitz said during the briefing.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Medical Council and the Ministry of Health, an additional (third) dose is used in the indicated groups with weakened immunity, at least 28 days after completion of the COVID-19 two-dose vaccination regimen. The head of the Department of Health, Adam Nidzelsky, said on Wednesday that people who are eligible for one of the seven groups for additional vaccination have already been issued online referrals.

Andrusiewicz also called for a distinction between booster and supplemental (for immunocompromised) vaccines in the public discussion.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health said during the briefing that more than 98 percent of the cases of COVID-19 infection in Poland are delta type. On Thursday, studies confirmed 390 new cases of coronavirus, and 7 people infected with COVID-19 died.

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