Mindfulness - Mindfulness training improves cognitive function in older adults

Full concentration of the mind It may have a significant impact on improving cognitive functions in the elderly (over 60 years) – suggests the latest research findings published by British neuropsychologists in the pages of one of the most prestigious medical journals”Reviev Neuropsychology“.

Experts who study the relationship between brain activity and specific human behavior believe that Mindfulness training It can improve cognitive processes related to remembering information, orientation in space, or abstract thinking in older adults. How is this possible?


Mindfulness – What mindfulness training has a good effect on the brain?

What is vigilance? Contrary to appearances, few people still can better define this foreign-sounding word, which has broken records worldwide at least since the 1970s. The simplest explanation for this mantra is mindfulness training, but the term doesn’t say much to beginners.

The American word for mindfulness in Buddhism refers to sati (Sanskrit smirti), literally meaning memory, and describes mnemonics that help you focus, control stress, and calm your mind. Thus the Hindu Brahmins who were members of the upper varna (or priestly caste) developed the ability to memorize the contents of scriptures, which had been orally passed down from generation to generation since the dawn of history – because few could write and read. at that time.

A Buddhist Way to Improve Memory Could Help Seniors (and More)

A technique that allows you to remove what is not important at the moment (especially unnecessary feelings, intrusive thoughts, fear or self-doubt) and pay attention only to what is important (and happens “here and now”), allows not only to improve memory, but at the same time can It greatly improves our efficiency, reduces stress and greatly affects the way we think.

This is why mindfulness has gained so much recognition both among psychologists and psychiatrists (who note significant improvement thanks to it in patients suffering from anxiety or depression), and among managers and entrepreneurs who have achieved amazing results after training for the ability to focus only on what they can. she has. meaning to them.

Since the 1970s, mindfulness training has made an amazing career in the West thanks to a generation of flower children fascinated by the effects of everyday meditation techniques, and pop culture stars who have asserted that they are becoming more creative, able to express themselves more artistic and have more original ideas for new business. .

What are the health benefits of mindfulness?

Over the following years, scientists confirmed more positive effects of mindfulness on our bodies – the healing and antidepressant properties of this method were noted. Some argued that it was thanks to him that they were able to lose weight, get rid of various psychosomatic diseases or simply become happier and less worried about unrelated problems that bother our heads.

Scientists have now been able to show that mindfulness training can also help and protect older adults from the cognitive decline that occurs with age over the years.

How do you exercise vigilance? Mindfulness training principles

Mindfulness training can be practiced at any time convenient for us – it is mainly about a moment of silence in solitude, free from distractions (preferably in the lap of nature or at home). Some find it easier to practice techniques similar to those used in meditation before yoga. The simplest principles of this method are mainly limited to:

  • Focus on what’s happening “the here and now”
  • Breath control (quietly inhaling and exhaling)
  • Clearing thoughts of unnecessary emotions (and eliminating distracting stimuli from the environment)
  • Pay attention to only doing one thing at a time (slowly and carefully)
  • Abandon automatic thinking – the brain that is accustomed to routine work operates less efficiently
  • Self-acceptance – the understanding that our soul and body are one, and if we are worried about something superfluous (although we usually have no influence on the outcome), the whole body suffers from it (which leads to the fact that we get sick)

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