Class 8 Exam 2022: Mathematics – Leaks, Answers, CKE Live Papers

Class 8 Exam 2022: Day Two. On Wednesday, the students faced math. We recall the live broadcast of the eighth grade exam. We collect the latest information and comments. We also publish CKE papers and their answers on

Answers to 8th grade math exam

We will publish the answers to the 8th grade math exam 2022 on after 1 pm, when the CKE makes the exam papers available. The answers and informal tips on how to solve the tasks will be prepared and discussed by our math teacher, Dobrawa Szlachcikowska from Pi-station. The team works as part of the Katalyst Education Foundation and offers students, among other things: free video lessons and private science lessons.

Let us remind you that the 8th grade math exam consists of 15 closed tasks and four open tasks. For youth 100 minutes to write math. Taking the exam is a prerequisite for completing the primary stage. Its outcome affects the student’s admission to the high school of his or her choice.

Eighth grade exam – accessories. What is allowed and what is not allowed?

Each candidate must obtain an eighth grade in each subject in the examination A pen (or pen) with black ink (ink). In addition, during the mathematics exam, each candidate must have a ruler. Drawings – if necessary – made by candidates with a pen. Pencil drawings are not made. the pupils It cannot be brought into the room and used: Calculator, smartphone, pencils, eraser.

What is the date of 8th class exam papers for CKE and OKE?

Papers used for this year’s Grade 8 exam will be published on the CKE and OKE websites on nearly every exam day. 1:00 pm. Soon after that you will be able to find solutions to tasks on

What is the duration of the eighth grade exam? [matematyka, czas trwania]

The eighth grade exam in Polish lasts 120 minutes. For youth 100 minutes to write mathematics, and into English or another foreign language – 90 minutes. Traditionally, the largest number of students (97.5%) reported taking an English language test. The second most chosen language is German. According to the Central Examinations Commission, 2.2 percent of students will take the exam in this language. Eighth grade students.

Grade 8 Exam – Additional Dates

Students of the last years of primary school will take exams in Polish, mathematics and a foreign language. A detailed table is posted below:

  • May 24 (Tuesday), 9:00 – Polish
  • May 25 (Wednesday), 9:00 – Math
  • May 26 (Thursday), 9:00 – foreign language

On additional dates:

  • June 13 (Mon) 9:00 – Polish
  • June 14 (Tuesday) at 9:00 – Math
  • June 15 (Wednesday) 9:00 – Foreign Language

Class 8 exam 2022. When will the result be?

Eighth grade students’ work will be checked by examiners and results sent to schools by the appropriate district examination committee. Students will know their results on July 1 this year, and receive their diplomas a week later – on July 8.

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