PS Plus for October is now available.  Three productions awaiting download

Subscribers to the basic version of the PlayStation subscription can already start their adventure with new offers. There are three matches that will be examined in the coming weeks.

In June, Sony launched a new version of the PS Plus subscription in our region. The initiative consistently generates a lot of comment, mainly due to comparisons to the competition and questions about adding PlayStation scores to the service’s library from launch day. In an interview in September, Shuhei Yoshida maintained his position as producer, although he admitted, depending on the interest, that the release of individual premium items from PlayStation Studios might affect their viability. However, it is time to focus on the latest offering of the service.

As part of PS Plus Essential, in October we will be able to win three titles. This time, Sony chose quite a variety, because we will have an unusual studio shooter from Lodz, arcade racing based on the very popular brand and a continuation of the brawl that has been very positively received from NetherRealm Studios.

PS Plus Essential in October

Users of the more expensive subscription options will have to be patient and wait for messages regarding the Extra and Premium offers. Let us remind you that in the last month we got to know all the ranks in one fell swoop, and the proposals included, among other things, the Deathloop.

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