January 31, 2023


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TeleJournal Weekend

TeleJournal Weekend

A year after Pascale Nadeau left, The Weekend news broadcast There is a new official news anchor and journalist Claudine Bourbonis just won the post he held for several months on an interim basis.

MMe Bourbonis, who began his radio career in Edmonton in 1990, has been with RDI since 1995 and has been in charge of leadership. Weekend afternoon news broadcast From 2005 to 2021.

Pascal was the host of NATO Weekend news broadcast For 12 years he worked in television for 38 years. He retired last year after being suspended from pay in February following a complaint from an employee who criticized him for alleged comments he made last year.

Ms Nadeau did not return to head news broadcasts after her suspension and the public broadcaster announced she would retire at the end of last summer.

In a letter shared on August 18th The sunPascale Nadeau, daughter of the late journalist Pierre Nadeau, did not hide her bitterness.

“Through this investigation, Radio-Canada has attacked my integrity. By allowing me to do so, he has trampled on his own ethical policies and press austerity, both on the basis of anonymous denunciations made in the name of a third party and without explicit conclusions.” Ms Nadev wrote in her letter.

“All I asked to return to work was a simple apology and this stain should be removed from my file. Nothing else. But Radio-Canada did not apologize. I am a principled, proud and honest woman. We have also glorified the name of my parents who contributed to the delivery of its noble letters, ”he concluded in his letter.

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The case is still pending before the arbitral tribunal.

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