Poland cuts funding for German studies.  “Children’s Campaign”

The Warsaw-based correspondent of the German newspaper “Tageszeitung” (TAZ), Gabriel Lesser, addressed in a text published on Friday the effects of the government’s crackdown. from the United Right A course towards the German minority in Poland.

for example School Primary school in Grodziesk, the author presents the problems of local communities in Opole Silesia, where the majority of Polish citizens of German origin live.

risk of bankruptcy. The House of Representatives reduced subsidies for learning German

– We were on the verge of bankruptcy, – Agnieszka Kalla, a German teacher and school director, told the journalist “Tazz”. Kalla criticizes: “First, the Chamber of Deputies reduced the subsidies for learning German, and then the Minister of Education reduced the number of hours teaching German to minorities from three to one.” A loophole in the school’s budget threatens the school’s continued existence, we read in Taz.

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Mucha about the patriots of the Germans: Kaczyński is guided by some phobias

“Why are our children discriminated against and stigmatized? Why are we hostages in German-Polish relations?” asks Rafał Bartek, president of the Federation of German Social Cultural Associations in Poland. In his opinion, the campaign of the Law and Justice party before the parliamentary elections (in the fall of 2023 – ed.) should not be allowed to the detriment of children.

As Lesser writes, in order to survive, the school in Grodziesk has converted this academic year into a private bilingual primary school with six hours of German per week. The administration hopes to attract children who do not belong to the German minority. In addition to government subsidies, the school is funded by donations. Help also comes from Germany.

Rep. Kowalski wants more penalties

Member of Parliament Janusz Kowalski from Poland Solidarity – The party, which the author describes as the radical right, demands more punishments, including the liquidation of the last hour by Germans for minorities still present in school plans. The Polish state budget will provide a total of 52 million euros.

In this way, Kowalski wants to restore the “symmetry” between Germany and Poland. According to the German parliamentarian, the German authorities do not recognize the “Polish minority” and do not fund Polish education for the alleged two million Poles living in Germany.

Barbara Walters is dead. She was 93 years old

Another idea by Kowalski is to change the electoral law to prevent minority representatives from winning a parliamentary seat.

States have spent about 200 million euros on learning Polish as the language of the country

Lesser explains that there is no “Polish minority” in Germany, but economic migrants and refugees Communist-era politicians and late German DPs. Poles live in different parts of Germany – where they have found work or have been granted asylum. The condition for their recognition as a minority is that they have lived for centuries in an area that has changed the border Found herself in another country – we read in “Taz”.

Lesser disputes the claims of the Polish side that the German authorities do not financially support learning of the Polish language. Länder, which is responsible for education, spent about 200 million euros in 2020 alone on learning Polish as a language of origin, which is much more than Polish subsidies for German education for the German minority.

Vladimir NesterovVladimir Nesterov died. He was one of Putin’s best engineers

A journalist from TAZ admits that only 15,000 students participate in learning Polish in Germany. children. In her opinion, it is impossible to say at the moment whether it is because the parents were not informed or rather the lack of offers. The reasons for this situation must be investigated by the KoKoPol Competence and Coordination Center in Austeritz, which has received five million euros from the Bundestag for this purpose for the years 2023-2025.

The article is taken from the Deutsche Welle website.

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