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“Żwirek spins with a frog”, “Invest in TikTaki, it's good for you” – these are the lines that no Shrek fan will ever forget. Interestingly, none of them appeared in the original 2001 cartoon. These and other featured quotes were only included in the Polish version of the production about the adventures of the Green Ogre and the Talking Donkey.

Who wrote the Polish dialogues for Shrek?

Many critics believe that the Polish dubbed version of Shrek, starring Zbigniew Szamachowski and Jerzy Sture, is better than the original. All thanks to Bartosz Wierzbieta, Polish dubbing director, translator, and dialogue speaker. He not only translated the dialogues from English to Polish, but also modified the text to suit our Polish reality. Thanks to this, the cult production of 2001 about the green ghoul with Polish dubbing is superior to the original with Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz.

“Shrek” is not the only film for which Wierzbięta wrote the script (or, in fact, translated it from English, slightly changing the context of the dialogues and adding several “flavors”). He was the creator of the dialogues, among others: To Rybki z Ferajna, the famous Madagascar or Kurczak Mały

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Complete Donkey's quote from the beginning of the first part of the movie. “We need to get to know each other better, make friends…”

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