A giant exoplanet very close to us.  About 100 times larger than Earth

Against the background of Jupiter, for example, the Earth appears to be a dwarf. But what about an exoplanet of this size? Almost 10 times larger than the gas giant Of the solar system? This is the size of the world classified under that name TOI-1736 c. What do we know about this planet?

TOI-1736 c is a massive exoplanet estimated to exist 99 times larger than Earth and nine times larger than Jupiter. Furthermore, the mass was calculated as 2800 blocks from our world. The planet orbits a sun-like star. As if that wasn't enough, it is located in a residential area, which is where it is located There is a possibility of liquid water.

One year on an exoplanet lasts 570 Earth days. It is located at a distance of about 1/3 greater than the Earth's distance from the Sun. Unfortunately, it is a gas giant that does not have a rocky surface. So this is not the Earth 2 we are looking for, but the situation could be different Possible moons of this world.

The exoplanet TOI-1736 c is not suitable for humans, but if it has moons, these moons may be ideal for this role. This world falls About 290 light-years away, Relatively close. For comparison, the diameter of the entire Milky Way Galaxy is 105.7 thousand. Light year.

What is also known about the TOI-1736 system is that the star located there is very similar to the Sun. It is slightly older, at 4.9 billion years old, and 15 percent larger in size. Bigger compared to us. Temperatures are similar. However, it is a binary system with another, smaller star.

Furthermore, it is known that there is another planet orbiting the star. this TOI-1736 b, a mini-Neptunian planet about 2.5 times larger than EarthBut it is very close to its star. That's about 7 percent. One astronomical unit (determining the Earth's average distance from the Sun). This means that it is very hot there (scientists estimate around 800 degrees Celsius), and the short orbit means that a year lasts only 7 Earth days.

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