Tomasz Łysiak for exercises in the logic of borders - for the opposition

So let’s follow it step by step. Here in the TV studios, during discussions, conversations and interviews, supporters of the “opposition” or activists of rather liberal organizations and circles speak this language: “Of course, we must defend the Polish borders, but at the same time we must help refugees” or mischief to help these children and women? You can defend the boundaries and show your heart at the same time, give you some food and clothes “…

Let us leave the label aside (“refugee” is not the same as “immigrant”) and divide both desires into primary factors.

we have here:
a) Defense of the Polish border.
b) Helping migrants – providing food, food and medicine.

The problem is that when point A is applied, point B cannot be applied according to international law. How can we reconcile each other? To what extent, from a technical point of view, can it be possible to deliver medicines, foodstuffs, diapers or clothes to migrants on the territory of Belarus when we are defending the borders according to point “A”?

Fly through the helicopter and dump it outside the waiting area? Well, not really – Lukashenka will not be happy.

Digging under concertina? How about building catapults, loading diaper nets, pizza and bergines, and shooting packs across the border? But it’s also illegal – such air smuggling would be!

Can this open the border? Make some gates, walkways and pedestrian bridges? Again, you have to ask very specific questions about technical solutions. Let’s imagine such a “humanitarian corridor” – a gate in a fence. What is happening? A crowd of people wanting to buy diapers, medicine, sleeping bags and pizza starts to come right away from all the Ochojski ladies, Cordage Satin, from Mr.

What should I do at the moment? Give nappies and pyralgine to the elect? the children themselves? women? men? but how? They are entering Poland or is Mr. Sterczewski running the net from IKEA to the Belarusian side? How will he run on Belarus and Belarusian guards will catch him and put him in a bed in order to cross the border illegally, so what next? this is the way?

We let others go through the hole in the fence and take that help? and what? Are they supposed to come back with her to the other side? Are we getting these kids, the women, those people who need help back?

Well, no, because “we have a heart” and we are sensitive. Once they are in, they will stay. So, let’s go further with logical reasoning, step by step: If you open the borders and let people in for help, they will actually come and stay here. They won’t catch the Ikea net with a sleeping bag and pizza in order to quietly return to the Belarusian side. So this solution is impossible – if you want to take care of points A and B at the same time. Unfortunately. Sometimes in life it is so that there are no perfect solutions. The world is not a fairy tale, but a set of real circumstances that will not be changed “by desire”. If we defend the border – due to physical and legal conditions (the fence, the inability to legally “move” goods through the fence), then it will not be possible to directly help the people on the other side of the border. The legal way is to organize, for example, a humanitarian convoy and enter the territory of another state with it, if it agrees. Thus, the only other option is to abandon the defense of the borders, and accept hundreds or thousands of immigrants and provide them with assistance immediately, in Poland. Logically, that would be possible.

The problem with the opposition groups is that they choose the last resort (allowing immigrants), but looking at opinion polls or the reactions of the world and Europe (supporting border closures), they are starting to talk about both. This is where the oxymoron (“cold ice”, “dry water”) comes in elegantly – defend the borders and help the immigrants. And here it is impossible to reconcile one with the other easily, that’s what … But what if, with the help of cute slogans, he could create a political storm in the media?


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