A German municipality is looking for a lighthouse keeper.  The interest is huge

About 1,100 people responded to an ad for a lighthouse keeper job on the German island of Wangrug. There were also Poles among those interested in the job.

The number of applications received by the city exceeded all expectations. The HR employee who handles recruitment needs support to analyze all applications – NDR reports.

“It's really crazy,” said Rep. Rijeka Buen. Mayor Wangrog.

Application deadline for Lighthouse keeper position It ended on Sunday. The job advertisement was promoted in several media outlets.

Lighthouse keeper work. Submissions from different countries

As NDR confirms, requests came from everywhere Germanas well as from other countries, including with Poland and the Czech Republic.

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Rijeka Bewin told NDR that some of the requests were sent as a joke, but most were serious.

All applications will be reviewed afterward Community Will invite candidates for job interviews. The new lighthouse keeper was originally scheduled to start work at the beginning of May, but this will be delayed due to the large number of applicants.

Germany. Great interest in the position of lighthouse keeper

Old lighthouse W. Wangerug It has been used as an observation tower since 1972. The local historical museum is located on the ground floor. Wedding ceremonies can also be organized in the tower.

Duties of a lighthouse keeper Includes ticket sales and access control for tours, as well as repairs and cleaning.

Wangerooge is an island in the East Frisian Islands in the North Sea. It is also an independent municipality in the federal state Lower Saxony(in the Friesland region).

Source: NDR

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