Increase the minimum wage in a few months.  Here are the suggested amounts - how much will you earn? [17.08.2022 r.]

The government presented its plan to increase the minimum wage in 2023 and sent a proposal to unions and employers. If they do not reach a consensus and do not propose a joint rate (as has happened in previous years), the government will set the minimum wage in 2023 by decree. However, he will not be able to suggest a lower price than the one he recently offered. How much will the total minimum wage be in 2023? In what months it will increase (the government announced not one, but two increases) – check the details.

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At the July meeting of the Budget, Compensation and Social Benefits Team, one of the issues discussed was trying to come up with a common position for the social partners on The amount of the minimum wage for work in 2023. The government suggested this some time ago lowest wages In 2023 it doubled.

According to the government’s proposal, in 2023, the minimum wage will increase in two stages. – The government proposes that the minimum salary be total as of January 1 zloty 3383and from July 1 – 3450 PLN We read on the Prime Minister’s Office website

In 2023, the minimum hourly rate for some civil law contracts will also increase – from January 1 it will be PLN 22.10, and from July 1 – PLN 22.50. Such suggestions were sent to the Social Dialogue Council in mid-June.

As you can easily guess, unions and employers have a different position on how much to increase the minimum wage.

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