Catherine Proulx-Lemay shares a very rare photo with her ex David Savard and their children

Catherine Proulx-Lemay celebrates her son's birthday in a warm atmosphere in the company of her ex-partner David Savard.

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On the evening of Wednesday March 6, on her Instagram account, the talented actress Catherine Proulx-Lemay shared a special moment from her family life.

In short, the actress paid tribute to her small family for one specific reason: her son Milan Celebrated 16th Candlemas!

In the photo, in addition to his two sons Milan and LudovicCatherine Proulx-Lemay poses with her ex-husband, the father of her children, the actor David Savard.

The celebration was held at the famous restaurant Monarch located in Montreal.

“Sweet Sixteen at Monarch Restaurant. My own little family. Priceless,” she wrote as a caption under the story.

Check out the photo below:


It's still rare for actresses to share such personal photos. Despite their split, Catherine and David have certainly demonstrated a remarkable bond for the well-being of their offspring, and we find them to be quite the inspiration!

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