A French citizen evacuated from Israel praises Poland

Poland immediately evacuated its citizens and sent several planes immediately after Hamas attacked Israel. We have waited many days for a French evacuation flight,” a French citizen evacuated from Israel said Thursday on BFM TV.

Poland sent several planes immediately after the Hamas attack on Israel. We waited many days for the French evacuation flight. It’s a “shame,” said an upset woman who was evacuated Thursday evening on France’s first repatriation flight.

Many French citizens are requesting, through the media, assistance from the French authorities to evacuate from Israel. Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna confirmed that there will be more evacuation flights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In turn, President Emmanuel Macron confirmed in a televised speech on Thursday evening that France “will never abandon its children.” The president also announced that he would “do everything in his power” to release the Hamas hostages.

“The situation on the site is changing.”

Canada has begun evacuating its citizens from Tel Aviv. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the first military plane transported 130 people to Athens on Thursday.

According to previous government data, about 700 Canadian citizens in Israel, their families, and people with permanent residency in Canada requested assistance in leaving.

The situation on the site is changing

– Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters, Thursday, according to the Canadian Press.

Canadian media reported that the second military plane also left Tel Aviv for Athens on Thursday, with the third flight scheduled for Friday afternoon. Canadian military aircraft can carry up to 150 people at a time. On Friday, the first Air Canada flight from Athens carrying Canadian evacuees will land in Toronto.

Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie announced on Tuesday the evacuation of Israeli citizens, permanent residents and their families. The Canadian Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday that the military would send two Airbus CC-150 planes to evacuate Canadians from Israel to Athens, where Air Canada’s hub is located, free of charge. Jolie appealed to those seeking assistance in leaving Israel to register on a website dedicated to Canadians abroad. By Thursday, nearly 5,000 people had registered. Persons residing in Israel.

In addition to flights from Tel Aviv, the Canadian government is also organizing other evacuation options for people who have no way to get to Tel Aviv Airport. The media reported on evacuation plans by land and sea. The Canadian government is also in talks with Jordan, where people with no means of getting from the West Bank could be evacuated to Tel Aviv.

Families reported that three Canadians were killed in a Hamas attack on Israel, and four people were not found. Jolie said on Wednesday that hostage experts had been sent to Israel. But she confirmed that she would not answer questions regarding the Canadian hostages because she did not want to endanger human lives. Jolie also noted that Canadians should be aware that due to the “international security crisis” they may suddenly find themselves in conflict zones, and recalled that in just six months, the government is organizing the evacuation of Canadians for the second time (the previous time was from Sudan). ). .

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