You type into Google what you want to see and magic happens.  Without searching the Internet

Google has made it possible for the first selectees to use a completely new search engine functionality. One that creates images using artificial intelligence based on what we type.

In the search engine market, Google is the undisputed leader. Microsoft tried to conquer this market with its new product, Bing, but without much success. Despite having a number of cool features like the integration of OpenAI’s AI-based chatbot and the ability to generate images thanks to the DALL-E model, the tech giant’s Windows operating system still lags behind. Google still believes in the power of artificial intelligence.

Google wants to become like Microsoft. Added image generation function to search engine

Microsoft Bing and Bing Image Creator deliver the most advanced generation of AI images available to the public. Recently, the solution was updated with a newer version of DALL-E 3 from the creators of ChatGPT, which should create images with better quality and detail (and handle human fingers among other things).

It didn’t take long for Google to respond by adding the ability to create images to SGE. But it should be noted that the solution is available to a small number of users, or more precisely, testers participating in the Google Search Labs program.

As for the possibilities Image generator in Google search engineThe whole process is similar to Bing. We enter a word phrase into the search bar about what should be in the image and magic happens – the AI ​​Imagen model creates several images that illustrate what we asked for.

Google showed an example of how to use the tool. She gave the command “Draw a picture of a capybara wearing a chef’s hat cooking breakfast.” After clicking on the image, it is displayed as a sidebar and you can edit the image instantly using the edit button.

Create search engine graphics (Source: Google)

Moreover, Google Images also introduced the possibility of creating images – when viewing a gallery displayed by the search engine, so that they do not return directly to the search engine. Google claims that the tool is properly secured and will not allow the creation of offensive or hateful graphics or those that could spread misleading information. In addition, each image will contain a watermark.

Generate images in Google Images (Source: Google)

It is difficult to say when this function will be brought into general use, but it is rather a long-term possibility. Maybe the solution will be available to the public next year – time will tell.

You can read more about Google on Spider’s Web:

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