February 3, 2023


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End of transit of Belarusian fertilizers by Lithuanian railways

End of transit of Belarusian fertilizers by Lithuanian railways

But Transport Minister Marius Scudis confirmed this This decision will not necessarily stop the transfer of Belarusian fertilizers through Lithuania. He noted that the termination of the contract with the Lithuanian State Railways “is only one of the many details of the entire transport plan”.

According to Skuodis, there are currently about ten companies in Lithuania that could theoretically take over the transportation of Belaraskali fertilizers from the Lithuanian railways. – We work in a democratic country governed by the rule of law – indicated the head of the Ministry of Transport. But he stressed that “potential transactions will be examined by other legal entities to ensure that they are consistent with national security interests.”

After US sanctions against Belaruśkalij came into effect on December 8, the transit of Belarusian fertilizers through Lithuania was not interrupted.Because the Belarusian concern in November made an advance payment to the Lithuanian company a few months ago.

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