A dark clown terrorizes a village and taunts the police

A Scottish village is battling a disturbing clown who is terrorizing residents and taunting the local police, according to various British media outlets.

The municipality of Skelmorley, located about fifty miles from Edinburgh, recently saw the appearance of a sinister character in the style of Stephen King’s clown Pennywise.

The latter often holds a red balloon like the character in the book It isHe wanders the village streets and creates a Facebook page where he shares sad statuses.

In his description on Facebook, the man, who calls himself Cole Deimos, says he is self-employed. Clown schoolThen at Hellgate High School. He was born in Hell, Michigan and his love situation is “complicated.”

In a video posted on October 11, Komali comments on the attention he receives from the media and responds to comments made on Facebook in a very snarky altered voice.

However, the residents of Skelmorley are not laughing.

“Whoever he is, he scares everyone. We have to stop him. Someone needs to talk to him before the police get involved or he actually scares someone. It could cause a real heart attack,” said one father The Independent.

The outlet says local police are aware of his character and his disturbing videos, but have not received any incident reports.

In his video, the clown says that he knows the police know him, but that means he doesn’t care.

“You think that matters to me? They have to catch me first anyway. Yes, I challenge them to do that,” he declares.

The curious character claims not to seek fame, glory, or fortune; He promises that he “only wants to play.”

“Come fear the clown of Skelmorley,” he says.

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