A characteristic symptom of Omicron.  “No one knows why”

  1. Expert observations so far show that Omicron behaves differently from previous variants of the coronavirus

  2. Attention is drawn, among other things, to signs of infection with a new strain

  3. They include diseases that have not previously appeared or are not as severe and frequent as before

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Expert: Omicron’s symptoms are very distinctive and no one knows why

British COVID-19 advisor John Bell of Oxford University. While broadcasting on Radio 4’s Today, he said the data is from South Africa (in South Africa, the new variant is already the dominant strain detected in the tested samples) and the British app ZOE Covid shows that The omicron behaves differently from the previous variants. Patients show a range of symptoms characteristic of alpha and . status delta They were neither the most common nor the most severe.

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– It seems that Symptoms of Omicron mainly are stuffy nose, sore throat and muscle pain, especially around the back. It’s so special and no one knows why. Other Patients complain of intestinal discomfort – He said.

A slightly different picture of the symptoms of this type of infection was recently presented by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Its experts said it was from previous observations of patients that the new variant was discovered Corona virusThey seem to complain most often of coughing and a runny nose.

In turn, Dr. Unpin Pillai, Family Physician with individual practice in Johannesburg (South Africa), reported that Patients also come to him with an unusual symptom of infection – night sweats. The remaining diseases are similar to those suffered by the Americans and the British. They are mainly: dry cough, fever, fatigue and severe pain throughout the body.

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The rest of the text is below the video.

The most common symptoms of omicron infection

So what symptoms should wake us up, because they may be evidence of it Omicron injury?

  1. stuffy/runny nose

  2. coughAnd

  3. Headache,

  4. muscle painAnd

  5. Back ache

  6. slight rise in body temperature,

  7. Extreme tiredness/weakness

  8. gastrointestinal complaints,

  9. night sweats.

Research on the nature of the new SARS-CoV-2 variant is still ongoing, so experts warn not to underestimate any symptoms of infection and, in poor health, limit social contacts and watch your body.

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Omikron is already in Poland

Omicron was first detected in a sample collected on November 9 in Botswana. Within a few days, the variant also appeared in South Africa, Israel and Japan, and after about two weeks it was already in Europe.

The Secretary-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said on Tuesday in Geneva, that Omikron is now officially in 77 countries around the world (This is the number who have informed the World Health Organization of this fact.) As he added, However, it has probably reached almost every country, but has yet to be discovered. This strain is the fastest growing A type of corona virusthat we have dealt with so far.

Today, the Polish Ministry of Health announced that The variant has already been discovered in Poland. The sample in which it was located was tested at WSSE Katowice. He came from a 30-year-old Lesotho native, who came to Poland to attend the United Nations Digital Summit. The patient was referred to an isolation facility and is fine. Two other members of the African country were also found to be infected, but a different type of coronavirus was present in their samples.

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