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For a fan of Spider-Man, the one who first goes to see his favorite character on the big screen, and does not test whether the plot is progressing at the right pace, this movie will be a dream come true. There was no more stuff in it, because you’d have to blast your time-drop to some ridiculous dimensions. The entire movie runs about two and a half hours (plus two scenes during and after subtitles), although I suspect there will also be those who would like to sit in the cinema and five. People who grew up with our animated series in the ’90s and later on Fox Kids, fans of early PlayStation games, even Pegasus, fans of TM-Semic comic books, fans of newer games and series, members of fan clubs in the Sam Raimi trilogy, petting Marc Webb and they are both Tom Holland fans – This movie was made for us.

Spider-Man: No Way Home 2021 review [UIP]. Spider-Man’s real name is Peter Parker!

With these words, Mysterio ruined Peter’s life in the last scene of the previous film. The news spread across the world in the blink of an eye, exposing not only Peter (Tom Holland) but his loved ones to constant criticism – less often adoration – and possibly danger as well. Lawyer Parker reassures that murder charges will not be filed, but when the fact of being friends with Spider-Man begins to ruin MJ (Zendaya) and Ned (Jacob Batalon’s) future, Peter decides to try something about it. She goes to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to ask for his help. However, Stephen’s spell is spinning out of control, and everyone who knows Peter Parker as Spider-Man begins to enter our world. You have to catch them and bring them back to their own dimensions.

No Way Home is a powerful movie. Long, stuffed to the brim. The script is at the same time everything the viewer expected and things he did not expect at all. It is important that despite the huge number of characters, screenwriters Chris McKenna and Eric Summers take their time, and do not immediately get into the action, which must then continue until the end of the credits. The first 20 and 30 minutes focus on showing what Parker’s life looks like after it is revealed that he is Spider-Man. As is usual with Marvel, the more serious scenes and silent reversal are mixed with jokes over and over again. Some are better, some are worse, and some are misplaced, and therefore not funny. Personally, most jokes approached me (although everything, by the way, completely missed her), but If you’re one of those people who doesn’t find the humor in the Marvel movies, get ready to take on a cookie brittle.

The core of the film, its core, is still growing. That’s the theme running through the current trilogy, and only today’s movie seems to end teen Peter’s transformation into a responsible adult superhero. Logically, the important motive in the film is the question of MIT University and whether or not our heroes have made it there. You could even say that had it not been for this theme, the rest of the movie probably wouldn’t have happened. But only when the antagonists from the Raimi and Webb films enter the scene does the action gain a certain pace…for a moment. but later The book plays with our expectations, offering surprisingly deep, if in many respects, imperfect views of already known villains. McKenna and Sommers seem to be well aware of everything viewers expect from a Spider-Man movie, which audiences have complained about in the old Maguire and Garfield movies, what they’d like to see, what they’d change and… they gave us exactly which – which. Electro (Jamie Foxx) looked stupid in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”? No problem, it looks like it should now. Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) disappeared from the stage very quickly, so he had no way of presenting himself as the spider’s greatest enemy? So we’ll give him more to do. Sucked Poison Saver Grace? Well…or whatever. It would already be spoiled.

Playing around with various characters and plots is not an easy task, so you would expect it to not be perfect. In a few places, the plot seems to take a few shortcuts (Maybe the right scenes fell under the stage because something had to be cut off, I don’t know), some threads – Ned – are completely at odds with what we’ve known about this world so far, and Peter’s love life goes on a lot of the time especially considering the fact that the relationship itself It doesn’t evolve in any way, which even Happy Hogan himself (John Favreau) points out at some point. So they realized they were exaggerating, but they still wanted to take more close-ups of Zendaya (I’m not surprised) and Tom. What is more, The behavior and motives of some characters – Sandman (Thomas Hayden Church) in particular – change like a kaleidoscope, often against logic. One moment someone says he likes cream cakes, the next he crushes them in his hands – I will use such a ridiculous metaphor. And one of the most important elements of the plot is the literal craft of the old machine – no less magical than the table of Tony Stark himself, who can be told what to do and will do. Anything is possible when…everything is possible. Ultimately, however, all of this turmoil serves up a larger scene, so while I have to point it out as references, as a Spider-Man fan, I have no problem turning a blind eye to it.

Spider-Man: No Way Home 2021 review [UIP]. With great strength, great responsibility must go hand in hand

Watts’ film had two missions: to give audiences a spectacle of spiderwebs, good and bad heroes the world had never seen before, and to add another brick to the rapidly approaching second foundation of Doctor Strange. He did a good job of plotting, and what does it look like technically? The vast majority of them are great, although there are some weaker moments. “No Way Home” is one of the most popular Marvel movies with special effects without the “Avengers” title. Almost every scene consists of explosions, links, visual effects and green screen. It’s the third thing that has always caused the biggest problem for filmmakers.

For stunts, you just need a good team and instinct enough to let them just do what they’re supposed to do (I recommend Corridor Crew’s “stuntmen reaction” series on YouTube, where you can often hear about how hard a stunt is and why it’s often so mistrustful In the team it is he who makes the end result less than satisfactory). In the case of visual effects, we’re talking about heavy millions of dollars and deadlines, the latter of which can clip the wings of even the best artists on the market. Due to the highly kinetic and amazing way of conducting the action, effects previously captured in the camera, such as the tentacles of Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina), are now 100% computer animated. This means that there are hundreds of shots with visual effects in the movie, and this opens up the possibility of some less-than-perfect animation. And in fact, a few of them broke through, especially since the rest were at an enormously high level. The sandstorm with electrical discharges impressed me from start to finish, as did the return to the mirror dimension that we first saw in Doctor Strange.

Music Michael Giacchino, as is usually the case with Marvel productions, It does not interfere with reception and rarely appears in the foreground. But it’s fair to say that sometimes it really does work—especially during Danny Elfman’s musical moments and, to a lesser extent, James Horner’s classic musical moments, which it’s not appropriate to write about here because of spoilers.

So let’s ask squarely: Is “Spider-Man: No Way Home” the best Spider-Man movie? For acting, maybe yes, although it’s still a bit far from the glamorous “Spider-Man world”. This is a dream come true, the culmination of twenty years of films revolving around the adventures of Spider-Man. As a standalone movie, it wouldn’t have the right to existBecause you have to know literally all the other Spidey movies to fully appreciate this one, but for fans it will be a journey full of nostalgia and moments for years to come. She was touched at one point, and surprisingly, it wasn’t her death scene at all. However, this is not an ideal production. The script has a somewhat uneven pace, the characters sometimes act illogically, some antagonists are not treated like the rest, and the focus of the minute-jokes in the film may frighten some audience. But that’s all cliched because the movie in general just works – He gives us a wonderful and amazing conclusion to the story of young Peter and invites us to continue having fun. I’ve barely left the cinema and can’t wait to see what I do next.

Note: But the first post-credits scene had such a middle finger pointing at the hungry fans that I was laughing out loud when it was over.

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