This strange tube is frightening people.  They are afraid to live in it, but it's the future

newly space tourism Makes a real world feel. There are tens of thousands of people interested in space travel with a thick wallet. Startup Vast Space wants to go one step further and enable people to live naturally in orbit, just as they would if they lived on Earth.

The biggest problem is microgravity. However, there was a light in the tunnel. It’s a startup company vast area, founded by Jed McCaleb, the billionaire behind the launch of three major crypto companies such as Mt. gox.

I have always believed in using technology to reduce inefficiencies and improve the human condition. To start human life in space, we need to create the technologies that provide it Perfect Sustainability McCaleb said.

The billionaire will build the first artificial gravity space station. The initial design assumes that it will be in the form of a tube. The goal is to spin while in flight and this will create a gravity similar to the one we know from Earth.

Interestingly, one of the company’s advisors is Hans Koenigsmann, formerly Vice President of SpaceX. This shows that the startup is not throwing words to the wind. McCaleb has yet to reveal more details about his project, but he admitted that engineers are working extensively on the idea and are even testing some technologies.

Cryptocurrency lovers He does not hide that his plan will not be implemented in the next few years, but he is confident that a contract will suffice. The first artificial gravity facility will provide restaurants for tourists, cinemas, gyms, sports arenas, medical points and even organize concerts.

The flight to the space hotel will be carried out by a special spacecraft. Most likely they will Dream Chaser mini shuttles From the Sierra Nevada Corporation, which is expected to begin missions for NASA next year. Dragon capsules are also available from SpaceX.

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