A breakthrough in space exploration.  NASA wants to go to the sun

According to the BBC, the probe, which was launched on August 12, 2018, is scheduled to pass close to the sun on December 24, 2024, at a speed of 195 kilometers per second.

On its website, NASA described the mission as an attempt to “touch the sun” that would give humans “the first ever sample of a star’s atmosphere.”

“We were actually about to land on a star,” Nour Rawafi, a scientist involved in the project, told the BBC.

– This would be a tremendous achievement for all of humanity. “It was an event on par with the 1969 moon landing,” he said.

NASA explains that thanks to the mission, people will get to know our star better, and the probe orbiting near Mercury's orbit will be closer to the surface of the Sun than any terrestrial body.

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