The first completely private team of astronauts has arrived at the International Space Station

employment Twitter Axiom Space A video has been released showing members of the commercial crew welcoming astronauts to the space station. “The AX-1 team, after emerging from the Dragon capsule, is greeted by the crew of the International Space Station and enters a place that will be their home for the next eight days.” written.

Belongs to comp SpaceX The rocket with the astronauts took off on Friday from Cape Canaveral, Florida. capsule Dragon 2 Endeavor brought by Falcon 9 in orbit and arrived at the space station around 14:30 in Poland. Its arrival was delayed due to a minor technical error.

The Ax-1 mission to the International Space Station has been organized a job Axiom Space. The mission leader is a former NASA astronaut Michael Lopez AllegriaThree businessmen participate in it: Larry ConnorAnd Mark Bathy And Eitan Stepwho paid $55 million for their share. They will have access to all parts of the International Space Station, except for the space of Russian cosmonauts, but they can enter with their permission. They will spend at least eight days at the station.

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