“Mr. Click Academy”: Rafael Trzaskowski was supposed to play the role of Adaś Niezgódka

Some people don't know that Rafael Trzaskowski When he was a child he was…an actor!

The mayor of Warsaw played the troublemaker Tomek in the series “Nasze podwórko” (1980). He has partnered with stars such as Witold Pyrkosz, Laura Łącz and Damian Damięcki.

“Working on set was not fun,” he said years later in an interview with Dziennik Polski. “Getting up at six in the morning, taking long takes, and reshooting, was arduous. It was a nightmare.”

When the director of “Mr. Click Academy”, Krzysztof Grabowski, was looking for someone to play the role of Adaś Niezgódka, he chose Trzaskowski. However, the boy's parents decided that working on the set of such a huge production was too much of a burden for their son and ultimately did not agree to him appearing in the film. We saw Stanisław Wronka as Adaś Niezgódka.

Piotr Fronczewski was also not the director's first choice for the role of Ambroży Kleks. Krzysztof Grabowski saw Jan Kobuszewski as Kleks, but the actor had to turn down the offer due to health problems.

It is commonly believed that the prototype of Klix was the philosopher Franciszek “Frank” Wieser, a lively individual who was a friend of artists and writers, a frequenter of Warsaw salons, and the hero of many tales from the interwar period. He was friends, among others, with Bolesław Leśmian, who was a cousin of Jan Brzechwa, Stefan Śromski, Władysław Reymont, Antoni Soniemski and Julian Tuwim. As the author of “The Academy of Mr. Clicks” knows him well.

In the new version of “Mr. Click Academy”, which will be released in cinemas on January 5, we see Tomasz Kott in the main role.

What's new is changing the gender of the main character. Instead of Adam Niezgodka, the cinematic story features… Ada Niezgodka! She is played by Antonina Litwiniak.

Even before its cinematic premiere, “Mr. Click Academy” managed to break the record for the number of viewers. The film about Mr. Clicks has been watched by up to 438,000 viewers in pre-premiere screenings. In the history of the domestic box office, no other film has ever achieved such numbers.

“When we started working on the film, I knew that Klix would remember himself, but in my sincere dreams I did not expect such a result and such a wonderful reception. We thank from the bottom of our hearts the children, young and old alike. Thank you for your help, the news about the world of fantasy is spreading widely.” Faster, faster and on a larger scale,” said Maciej Kowalski.

Despite the great result in theaters, reviewers aren't very kind about the new “Mr. Click Academy.” The film was criticized by, among others: Karolina Corwin Piotrowska. Our reviewer Marcin Radomski also had some comments about the production.

– I watched the new “Mr. Clicks Academy” in two dimensions: the first was that the visual form itself was separate from the content of the story; The second – the content of thought and meaning, including narrative, action and the full symbolic density of the world of magic. where Amazing, dramatic and entertaining features However, it is superior to the one that can be referred to as “Mr. Click Academy” as an example with a message. By focusing on the first side of the song, “Akademia Pana Kleksa” does just that – and does it well. The film is like an American fantasy production. It shows that it is possible to create a film with pageantry in our local cinema. The special effects, set design and makeup look excellent – he noted after the screening.

-GIt's more about the second aspect, i.e. the message of the film. Of course we have wise moments in the film that emphasize the value of friendship and empathy. Children discover that evil and envy can only be overcome by goodness and selflessness. At the same time, the aesthetics used in the film seemed to me stylistically inconsistent, just as the action itself was inconsistent, jumping from one level to another – destroying what is important in fiction: suspense. The victory of form over content. What's missing is the great cast, the verbal eccentricity, and the contrasting animalism between the different characters, as Marcin Radomski said.

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