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HomesportA beautiful farewell to Janusz Filipiak via Krakow

A beautiful farewell to Janusz Filipiak via Krakow


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Immediately after Sunday’s match between Legia and Cracovia Polska, exciting news spread about the death of PASI owner, Janusz Filipiak. Krakow lost 0-2, but had the opportunity to pay tribute to their deceased president. Three days later, they faced Wojskowy again in the late game and this time showed great goals and a valuable victory.

The commemoration of Janusz Filipiak was very moving. Even before the match, the announcer read the list of the professor’s achievements for the entire Cracovia club, which he took over in 2004. Mentioned, among others: his achievements in the development of the football and hockey departments and the construction of the academy and the stadium. And then there was a minute of silence. However, in the 19th minute of the match, the fans applauded for a full 60 seconds. This is the number of years Filipiak has successfully managed the club.

Bassie players also wore black mourning armbands and paid the best possible tribute to their president. They beat Legia Warsaw, and Benjamin Kalman scored two wonderful goals, thanks to which a huge smile appeared on the face of the owner’s wife, Elbieta Filipiak, who will take over the leadership of the club.

Kalman display

Also thanks to the Finn’s goals, this match will be remembered. The way Kalman converted a long pass from Sebastian Madejski into a stunning long-range goal remains impressive. The Bassie striker already showed in Sunday’s match against Legia that he is in good form. He joined the team after two matches in which he scored one goal and made two assists. It caused chaos in the army’s defensive line, but it lacked details. He got that back more than he did on Wednesday.

With a beautiful goal from long range, he replaced Rafael Augustiniak like a rookie, and made something out of nothing. No one expected that if he received the ball with his back to the goal in the center circle, he would be able to score a goal. But the same can be said about the Finn’s second goal. Yuri Ribeiro, who lost the ball on the sideline in the middle of the home team’s half, probably did not expect that a few seconds later Kakber Tobiasz would have to pull the ball out of the net. All this thanks to Carol Knapp, who played the role of Kalman with great rhythm, confirming what he talked about at length in his conversation with us.

I never tried to play it safe. I don’t like to play against my closest teammate. I prefer to have ten or fifteen turnovers per game, but open up three goal chances with three passes. Playing 15v15 would be great, but I think without trying progressive passes, there will be no goals. – said Knapp, and it’s hard to disagree with him, as he registered his second assist of the season, and also added four goals and a second-tier assist.

The professor will continue watching

Apart from Ribeiro, other Legia defenders also failed to score the second goal. Steve Kapuadi broke the line and Augustyniak mindlessly jumped at Knap, giving him a pass. After four games in December, in which Legia gave up just one goal and kept three clean sheets, the terrible defense was on display again.

Augustyniak was hopeless in Krakow, and apart from contributing significantly to the loss of two goals, he also created a shot for Jani Atanasov. The shot stopped on the post, as did hopes that Wojskowy’s defense would finally start playing better. The Defenders lost every other game in this match. They were slower than Bassi’s forwards and had major problems passing the ball correctly. They were not supported by two Jurgens – Silhaka and Iletem, which may clarify the future state of Ligeia’s possessions if Bartosz Slez’s transfer plans come true. Without him, the Polish runner-up loses defence, midfield and attack.

On Wednesday, Jose did not have a playing partner. When he sent a perfect cross to Pankov’s head, the ball went slightly over the crossbar after the Serbian shot. When he found Mark Gwala in the penalty area, who again had more altercations with his opponents and hand-waving actions than good movement, the Spaniard, under slight pressure from Arto Houskonen, shot wide. The Portuguese can tear his hair out while repeating situations one after another. After the break, he again sent a brilliant cross to Elletima, but the Colombian beat down the overlapping Madejski, and Maciej Rozolek hit the post after the rebound.

With a little luck, Legia should score a goal. His expected goals ratio was 1.68, which was 0.5 higher than that of his rivals, but the ball as if by magic did not want to cross the goal line. This could be a very good omen for Krakow and information that the spirit of Professor Filipiak still hovers over the stadium in the Mujahideen. Kałuży 1 He will support Pasi in difficult moments. Before the match, Krakow was in the relegation zone. This victory allowed them to escape and spend the winter in a safe place.

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