81 years apart: 90-year-old twins finally reunite

The twins, separated after their parents' deaths and living apart for 81 years, were finally able to reunite after seeing each other again at the age of 9.

Maurilia Chavez and Andrea Lopez, 90, reunited in December after a DNA test, the New York Post reported.

“It was like seeing her for the first time in my life because 81 years is a long time. I remember her a little,” said Andrea Lopez.

Both girls were 5 years old when their parents died, and the family of 10 was scattered among relatives.

Ms. Lopez, who lives in Las Vegas, moved to Denver when a DNA test revealed their relationship.

“My little sister, I wanted to see you and have you with me, my beautiful little sister,” Mrs. Lopez said to her sister when they met.

“I never thought [re]See, never,” admitted Ms. Chavez.

The last time they saw each other at a family reunion, the twins were 9 years old.

During their reunion, the two women spent their time reminiscing about childhood memories until Mrs. Lopez returned to Nevada.

The twins discover that three of their siblings are still alive and in their 80s and 90s.

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