Discover Jean-Michel LeBlanc’s restaurant with Get Me Out of Here!

Jean-Michel Leblond, winner of the first season tree head Now the camper Get me out of here!Chef and owner of Cabinet Restaurant in Montreal.

Located at 98 Laurier West, this establishment specializes in fish and seafood.

menu, You can see here, serving refined dishes such as smoked sturgeon rillettes or a selection of local and imported caviar. Starters and desserts are also on the menu.

The decor has strong Parisian influences. As you can see in the photos in the gallery below the article, it is truly stunning. Also check out some photos of the signature dishes.

In an interview earlier this week, the friendly chef confirmed his participation Get me out of hereA program that aired on TVA on Sundays had a significant impact on his restaurant: Estimates of Sortez-moi d’ici are extraordinary. We’re talking about 1.5, 1.6 million every week. I don’t want to get anywhere in Quebec, it’s super fast right now. I find it funny, I find it beautiful. For my career and my businesses, this is unusual. Me, I am very comfortable with people and I love the world! »

Recently met, Jean-Michel LeBland, Andrian A. He told us about his disagreement with Mallet. Get me out of here. Read all here.

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