Claude "Mégo" Lemay admits he hasn't really settled his scores with Celine Dion

Seven years after signing on as Celine Dion’s lead musician, Mago found that water didn’t flow under bridges.

pass through the tower On Thursday evening, host Gilder Roy called to comment on his relationship with Celine since the musician was fired in March 2015.

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If he was able to make peace with Rene Angelil before his death, he still has the bitter taste of his meeting with the Quebec diva in 2019.

“It was a little tape. It was a little bit program She made me feel worse… … it was not fun”, laments the star who has worked with her for 28 years. (See the video above)

Celine’s lack of credibility during this meeting disappointed him.

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And to make matters worse, the show he attended a while ago didn’t impress him.

“I can’t say I like it show”, Mego said.

But since forgiveness was the theme of Thursday’s show, the musician forgave Celine.

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During his interview with Gildor Roy, Claude Lemay also told very interesting things about his friendship with René Angélil and the moment he was fired.

He still doesn’t understand why it happened.

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