Mariloup Wolfe: Equivalent to well-being when going to the area

Settling in the area is synonymous with many living in large areas close to nature, providing peace of mind and soaking up well-being. After the documentary series, Big moveAnimated and directed by Mariloup Wolfe, lo and behold the book now offers a number of suggestions so the experiment is a success.

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“This is the first documentary series I’ve ever made. I loved this experience so much, I was well surrounded to immerse myself in this adventure, and I’m sure I will do the rest,” says Marilou Wolf. Features.

“You didn’t make a documentary like a fiction series. I wanted to control the image completely, but I had to edit my plans, I wanted my relationship with them to be true, I was able to bond with people, I cried with them, I reaped beauty and authenticity. It brought me a lot on a human level. ⁇

The idea of ​​publishing a book on documentaries was also his first experience.

“It completes the show and we had rich content,” he said.

Quality of life

In which Big moveWe often follow families who leave the city and settle in the regions.

Sometimes it will be a new adventure, other times it will be a new adventure.

Mariloup followed them in their plan.

“Every family I have met has done so for different reasons but is concerned with improving their quality of life,” notes Marilou Wolf.

Apparently, epidemics and telecommunications allowed more families to move to different regions of Quebec. We think of Caspian, Ills-de-la-Madeleine, Boss-Saint-Laurent or Estri and Laurence. Also, in his book each region is divided with amazing photos for its virtues.

By reading the book, we realize that great outdoors, mountains, and water edges are often preferred, similar to dreams, and a haven of freedom or peace.

We like to listen to the sounds of the waves to combat stress, choose the forest to breathe fresh air, hiking becomes accessible in minutes from home, as well as do a variety of sports exercises.

Many tips

Before doing Big moveHowever, it is important to ask the right questions.

Mariloup listed them in his book. If Big move Often an attraction, it is necessary to rationalize before doing it.

“There is no such thing as a single visit or multiple visits to familiarize yourself with a region,” he insists.

We also need to question the tolerance of cold. Winters in Quebec are severe, especially in the mountains.

Services and leisure time should also be considered. In principle, in the region, housing is cheaper than in the city, however, it is necessary to think about getting a second vehicle.

Living near water is pleasant, but you also need to consider the risks of flooding.

“So the Big move It works 100% and I noticed that the entourage is important, especially the need to remake a new circle of friends. “

If many people had some fears before departure, all participants up to now Big move Did not regret their decision.

“We want peace, tranquility, more family time and well-being. They have found it all in the regions, as well as a kind of inner peace. These people dreamed of me. I will not hesitate to do it again one day. Big move “, She concludes.

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