5 easy-to-follow tips to make your devices last as long as possible

We all remember our grandparents’ sewing machines or washing machines that lasted for decades. Today, equipment lasts a few years, and if the slightest breakdown occurs, we are often caught off guard because parts are not found, screws cannot be removed, or repair costs are too high.

Here are some important tips to ensure that your items and appliances last longer and are easier to repair if they break!

1. Research the equipment to buy

Several details can indicate the repairability of your device:

  • Are the screws consumer grade? That’s a good point!
  • Screws rather than glue? Good point too!
  • Are there a lot of mechanical controls rather than electronic? It is better because it lasts longer.

2. Choose brands that are more resilient to planned obsolescence

Some brands are recognized for the repairability of their items. These are often, unfortunately, very expensive. But if it’s within your budget, the lifespan of a Breville kettle is 3 to 4 times that of an entry-level kettle.

3. Pay attention to dust

Dust, especially on electronics, heats up components and shortens their lifespan. A simple dust bulb can save your life!

4. Learn to adjust

It’s getting easier and easier to learn how to do some repairs yourself. In workshops (like Les Affûtés), on the Internet (with IFixIt) or in social networks (with TouskiRépare), there are plenty of opportunities to get started!

5. Change parts, not the whole thing

In smartphones, the first thing to fail is the battery. However, replacing the battery isn’t too expensive and easily saves the phone 12 to 24 months of life!

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