The secret of Stonehenge.  Scientists will investigate a rare astronomical phenomenon

Stonehenge It is located on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England. This is one of the most famous buildings in the world He is about 5 thousand years old It remains a mystery. According to some theories, it was a monument Huge ephemeris.

Is Stonehenge connected to the moon? Scientists will try to find out

Until now, researchers have identified Stonehenge He has a connection with the sun The circle is lined up so that it points east on the summer solstice and west on the winter solstice. Now scientists want to check if the mysterious circuit also has connections to it the moon.

It has been circulating among scholars for a long time hypothesisThat Stonehenge still stands It was also built with Earth’s natural moon in mind – writes

This is exactly what it is called Great recession of the moon, or great lunar pause – a rare astronomical phenomenon when a satellite rises north and turns south more than usual. From Earth’s perspective, the Moon then reaches an altitude in the sky higher than the summer sun and lower than the winter sun.

This phenomenon It happens once every 18.6 yearsSo testing the hypothesis is not so easy – you have to wait a long time until the right moment comes. This unique cycle will occur in 2024 and beyond.

– It’s a long course. Archaeologists They didn’t have many chancesTo study it at Stonehenge, says British expert on prehistoric buildings Jennifer Wexler.

The secret of Stonehenge. Researchers have been debating for years

Clive Ruggles, emeritus professor of archaeological astronomy at the University of Leicester, points out that Stonehenge’s architectural relationship with the sun is well known, but its importance Contact with the Moon has not yet been explored.

– The four stones of the building correspond to the maximum positions of the moon, A Researchers have been debating for yearsWhether that was intentional, and if so, how was it achieved and what its possible purpose was, Ruggles says.

Scientists think so The ancientswho built stonehenge, They were working in agricultureIt was therefore important for them to understand the cycles of the sun and moon and then adapt their work to them.


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