91 percent renewable energy in Portugal Electricity prices are three times lower than in Poland

Portugal produced 4.3 terawatt hours of electricity from “green” energy sources in April, according to ENTSO-E data. This is 91 percent. Electricity generated by the entire energy sector in this country. This class continues in May. Just one year ago, the percentage in April was 73.3%, and in May it was 71.8%. Okay, but what about the prices? Can the average Portuguese be happy with the fact that energy is “green”?

This is confirmed by the electricity price map as of Friday. In Europe, Portugal is more expensive than its counterparts: Finland, France and Spain. Prices in Poland are three times higher than in Portugal on that day.

Moreover, as we checked Poland’s average daily electricity price was 820% higher this year. Higher than Portuguese. The peak was in the second half of February, when our prices exceeded 100 euros, and Portuguese prices even less than 5 euros.

However, renewable energy sources offer lower prices. So why do prices in our country not fall significantly due to the rapid development of wind farms and photovoltaics, but remain among the highest on the continent? Let’s first look at what renewable energy is used in Portugal.

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