3000+ extra for retirees, but first assessment: We already know how much to increase and how much for your pension as of March

With almost 100% certainty, the minimum pension from March 2023 will increase to more than 1,500 PLN. It is also known that, in addition to the thirteenth pension guaranteed by law, the elderly will also receive the fourteenth proclaimed minister Marzina Malog and the head of the PiS Jaroslav Kaczynski. Of course, this is just an indicator and the whole mathematical effect “spoils” high inflation, causing the cost of living to rise faster than pensions. That is why additional benefits will play such an important role in 2023: the thirteenth and fourteenth pensions. And that’s why the worst-off retirees don’t just ask about the 15th retirement pension.

This certainty comes from the criteria set out in the Budget Act 2023, the draft of which has already been approved by the government. It assumes, inter alia, the tying of pensions from March 1, 2023 in the amount of 13.8 per cent and the guarantee of funds to increase the benefits and thirteenth pension. For fourteen, money will also be in them, but first a law must be passed ensuring such an additional advantage – either only in 2023, or, as Jaroslav Kaczynsky declared – permanently, every year, as is the case with the legal regulation of the thirteenth pension.

Currently, the lowest gross pension is 1,338.44 PLN (net is minus 9% of the health insurance premium). If nothing changes – and the change may only be at a higher index indicator due to the continued increase in inflation – and the benchmark index will reach 113.8, then the lowest pension will be 1523.14 PLN.

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