Wizz Air resumes flights from ten airports in Poland.  Tourist gems on the list

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From Gdansk we fly to Barcelona, ​​Bergamo, Edinburgh, Heraklion, Santorini, Tromso. From Krakow to Birmingham, Billund and Keflavik. from Katowice Wizz Air You will fly to: Athens, Bergen, Bristol, Rome Ciampino, Catania, Liverpool, ON beerto Malmo, Naples Stockholm, Staffang. We will fly from Lublin to the Oslo Törp. From Poznan to Paris Beauvais and Doncaster. Flights to Oslo Torp and London Luton will resume from Rzeszow. From Olsztyn to London Luton. From Szczecin to Stavanger. From Warsaw to: Alicante, Birmingham, BolognaBudapest, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Nice, Palma and Zakynthos. From Wroclaw, we will proceed to Larnaca, Birmingham, Keflavik and Stockholm.

In total, Wizz Air offers more than 180 routes from 10 airports in Poland. We will fly to the largest cities such as Barcelona, ​​London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, tourist and cities throughout the year, incl. Alicante, Heraklion, Athens, Lanzarote and Malta.

List of Wizz Air routes in Poland and dates of the first flight:

Katowice Airport:

Katowice – Athens, March 21, 2022,

Katowice – Bergen, 28 Mar 2022, Available here.

Katowice – Bristol Mar 28 2022,

Katowice – Roma Ciampino, 21 Mar 2022, Available here.

Katowice – Catania, 21 Mar 2022, Available here.

Katowice – Liverpool on March 28, 2022,

Katowice – Malta Mar 28 2022,

Katowice – Malmö, 28 Mar 2022, Available here.

Katowice – Naples, March 28, 2022, Available here.

Katowice – Stockholm, 28 Mar 2022, Available here.

Katowice – Stavanger March 28, 2022.

Krakow Airport:

Krakow – Birmingham Mar 28 2022,

Krakow – Billund Apr 4, 2022,

Krakow – Keflavik, March 21, 2022.

Airport in Gdansk:

Gdansk – Barcelona March 21, 2022,

Gdansk – Bergamo, 21 Mar 2022, Available here.

Gdansk – Edinburgh, 28 Mar 2022, Available here.

Gdansk – Heraklion May 23, 2022,

Gdansk – Santorini May 23, 2022,

Gdansk – Tromsø, March 21, 2022.

Lublin Airport:

Lublin – Oslo Tour on March 28, 2022.

Poznan Airport:

Poznan – Paris Beauvais March 28, 2022,

Poznan – Doncaster March 28, 2022.

Airport in Olsztyn:

Olsztyn Mazury – London Luton March 28, 2022.

Airport in Rzeszow:

Rzeszów – Oslo Torp Mar 28, 2022,

Rzeszow – London Luton, March 28, 2022.

Airport in Szczecin:

Szczecin – Stavanger March 28, 2022.

Airport in Wroclaw:

Wroclaw – Larnaca May 2, 2022,

Wroclaw – Birmingham May 2, 2022,

Wroclaw – Keflavik, 21 Mar 2022, Available here.

Wroclaw – Stockholm May 2, 2022.

Chopin Airport in Warsaw:

Warsaw – Alicante April 11, 2022

Warsaw – Birmingham March 28, 2022

Warsaw – Bologna Mar 28 2022,

Warsaw – Budapest April 11, 2022

Warsaw – Edinburgh, March 21, 2022.

Warsaw – Lisbon March 28, 2022

Warsaw – Nice, March 28, 2022, Available here.

Warsaw – Palma April 11, 2022,

Warsaw – Zakynthos May 23, 2022.

refugee assistance

It should be noted that the Hungarian Low-Cost Airlines has announced a support program for Ukrainian refugees. After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Wizz Air offered 100,000 free seats on all European flights from countries bordering Ukraine, such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. There are still seats available for flights. The time when the flight must take place has also been extended – from the end of March to April 10, 2022.

The airline offered to help the refugees get to their destinations wherever they are. The carrier confirmed that it will provide larger machines and additional flights from countries bordering Ukraine. Refugees from Ukraine who wish to book a flight can do so at: https://wizzair.com/#/rescue. Until April 10, there will be free places and contingency fees. At the time of booking and check-in, passengers will be required to present their passport number or Ukrainian identity card.

– Our hearts are with the citizens of Ukraine. We are committed to helping Ukrainian refugees, and we are committed to that by April 10, in the hope that as many people as possible will be able to reach safe places. We recognize the tremendous humanitarian efforts of our workforce, and as a company, we want to play a bigger role in it. We are pleased to provide refugees with a safe and comfortable flight, said Joseph Faraday, CEO of Wizz Air.

Source: Wizz Air

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