June 6, 2023


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PIT-2 - to transmit or not to transmit?  The Ministry of Finance advises.  "the easiest way"

PIT-2 – to transmit or not to transmit? The Ministry of Finance advises. “the easiest way”

Polish arrangement On January 1, he introduced a major tax reform, which, among other things, arose tax-free amount Up to 30 thousand zlotys. But in recent days, there has been information that some people have received reduced payments as a result of the implementation of the new regulations.

This is about PIT-2 – a declaration submitted by the employee so that the employer can deduct from the salary and pay monthly advances to the tax office for personal income tax, taking into account the tax-exempt amount.

Along with the increase in the exemption amount, the tax withholding amount has also increased, which actually reduces salary. Last year, this amount was PLN 43.76 per month. As of January 1, 2022, the amount is 425 PLN. If a PIT-2 is submitted, then the monthly salary will be increased by this amount, but the employee will not be entitled to a tax refund on this account after settlement pit. However, if we do not send this form, we will get the money after a year as a tax refund in the amount of PLN 5100.

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pit ad (illustration image)The Ministry of Finance explains that “PIT-2 is folded once.” It is about 425 PLN / month.

Polish arrangement. What about PIT-2? The Ministry of Finance advises

Due to the confusion caused by the Polish system, the government announced changes to the regulation. – In recent days, we can see that in several places the down payment may have been wrongly charged Income taxGovernment spokesman Peter Mueller said during Wednesday’s press conference. He explained that with every major overhaul, such errors can occur.

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What should employees do in this situation? – The easiest way is to send a PIT-2, but I will hold back for a moment – he said on the air TVP . info Chief Economist of the Ministry of Finance Łukasz Czernicki.

– As part of the Ministry of Finance, we are working on solutions and it may not be necessary to file a PIT-2 if the regulation we are working on now automatically obliges us to implement this regulation, which entitles us to use the free quota – he added. The finance ministry’s chief economist explained that the solution would “make it more automatic”. – We wish that people who did not take advantage of the higher exemption amount because they did not file a PIT-2 would get a higher net salary from next month – he emphasized.

Government spokesman Peter MüllerThe government explains the chaos related to the Polish system. There will be a change in the regulation

PIT-2 – application. Where do you find the print pattern? What does it look like?

The formula for the PIT-2 form can be found under this is Tabuk. The advertisement is submitted to the employer. All you have to do is provide your data, indicate the motive and sign. This is equivalent to saying that the applicant:

  • Does not receive old age or disability pension,
  • Does not receive benefits from FP or FGŚP,
  • You do not get income from: a business, rent or lease.

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