March 28, 2023


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Fuel prices are cheaper in July.  Diesel down 15 cents

Fuel prices are cheaper in July. Diesel down 15 cents

On Wednesday, analysts of the portal reported that on In the early days of July, fuel at stations is getting cheaperbut still them Prices remain at record levels high levels.

“The recent decline in crude oil and fuel prices in domestic wholesale sales has had an impact on the situation in the retail market. The latest report by shows that During the week, diesel fuel decreased the most, by as much as 0.15 PLN, for one liter we pay today 7.74 PLN. Gasoline Pb95 costs the same as diesel, which in comparison with the price setting last week is PLN 0.08 cheaper, “- said analysts from the portal.

Low fuel prices? Where is the cheapest?

They added that LPG refueling customers also have reasons to be satisfied, because a liter of LPG currently costs PLN 3.45, 0.04 PLN less than last week.

“The optimistic news for drivers is also that they can refuel at lower prices. Other station operators, after Orlin Offer holiday promotions, so The prices displayed on the towers are the prices that sellers give discounts under certain indicated.

According to data from Today, the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship stands out on the fuel map in Poland, where Pb95 gasoline and autogas are inferior. – 7.67 PLN and 3.35 PLN / liter (the same amount is paid for LPG in the Slaskie region). Diesel, at 7.70 PLN / liter, is the cheapest in the province of ód.

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