Here are 10 concerts not to be missed at the Festival d’été de Québec

Every year, at the Festival d’Yate, big names and lesser-known artists come together for eleven days. What are the imperatives of phase 2023? Here are the choices RegisterProgrammer Luis Bellavance commented.

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Foo Fighters, July 8, Plains of Abraham

FEQ and Dave Grohl’s band have forged a close relationship since a violent storm drove the group out during a four-song concert in 2015 and an electric performance in 2018. Despite the death of Taylor Hawkins, they decided to go back on the road. After taking this decision they called us. They said that a new chapter is being written for Foo Fighters and FEQ should be a part of it. It is an honor to continue this fruitful collaboration.

Green Day, July 16, Plains of Abraham

“Green Day is finally here. It’s one of the five most requested bands in Quebec, you know the other four. It’s a relief to finally cross one off the list. It’s very difficult, a band that doesn’t go to festivals, does its own shows, manages its own agenda. We’re with their team. We have been negotiating for many years.

Lana del Rey, July 15, Plains of Abraham

“It is very difficult to put up a poster in 2023. We’ve been chasing it for years. If you dig a little deeper, his presence is no stranger to Green Day. They have connections. When Green Day rocked, it continued.”

Zach Bryan, July 9, Plains of Abraham

Everyone expected Chris Stapleton for Country Night, but Quebec will be getting to know Zach Bryan. “It’s a race for Quebec. At the same time, the name of our programming elicits strong reactions internationally. Of all our artists, the greatest improvement is the artist. It’s a big gesture of authenticity, like we programmed Kendrick Lamar. He doesn’t fill the field, but he’s very important to FEQ.

The Smile, July 14, Francophonie Park

In the absence of Radiohead, Quebec finally announces Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood as a new group and not as a side project. Thom Yorke finds himself different from Radiohead. Not me. This is very good Radiohead.

Christine and Queens, July 11, Francophonie Park

Another first in FEQ and Quebec for this fascinating and unclassifiable French artist. “It was very difficult to get them out of France. When they come, they want to play in America. In the summer, they do festivals in France. They decided to come for us, even if it was two hours from Quebec.

Alison Russell, July 10, Place of National Assembly

The highly rated Montrealer in the United States will be in his first FEQ. “She’s a unique voice, she’s in the same place as Emmylou Harris or Joni Mitchell. She’s tied with Brandi Carlile, who’s connected everywhere. She’s a girl from Montreal, and we’re not talking about that here.”

Lil Turk, July 11, Plains of Abraham

Don’t you know him? Normal. “We haven’t had a big name in hip-hop since Kendrick Lamar. This is math. If you do Kendrick, there will be leaping Imagine Dragons. This place is very much alive in Quebec, and it’s going strong. Look at Franco Park, it’s always packed with little names, but at superstar level, we don’t fill the field for 60,000 people. It won’t happen anymore. We have an audience of 40,000.

Ann Wilson, July 10, Francophonie Park

Finally, classic rock fans can listen Barracuda In FEQ. “If it’s called, it’ll be on the plains. I’ve made offers a few times for Hart on the Plains. I love the set, I love Ann Wilson. At the moment, the atmosphere at Nancy’s house isn’t great. They often replace themselves with their talent, but when Ann Wilson returns, That’s the heart. Let’s hear the hits.”

DakhaBrakha, July 6, National Assembly venue

The organization of the summer festival wants to take advantage of the passage of this Ukrainian group, which canceled its existence in 2022, to organize something special because of the war that continues to rage in their country. “This is news that needs to be seen and heard. Anyway, this is one of the most beautiful music groups in the world. We are thinking about what we can do while they are in Quebec. We need to find a way to represent and be angry about what is happening in Ukraine.

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