36th Gemini Awards is the year of France Futo

France came out on top as the biggest winner in Puerto Rico 36This Gemini Sunday Night Price. After last year’s epidemic of 1,250,000 cubic feet brightened Saturdays Live from the universeThe host and producer flew in at the prestigious ceremony.

Mark-Andre Lemieux

Mark-Andre Lemieux

France dominated Futo in all the animated categories in which he appeared.

Surprisingly, he won the trophy for Best Animation: Various Series or Special Live from the universe – New Year’s special (TV here). He also won the award for Best Animation of a Project Made for Digital Media Cultural order, In the spring of 2020, at the beginning of the first lock, an attempt to allow the public to submit special requests to artists. The two awards multiplied, beginning with the opening ceremony the day before its harvest, during which he won Gemini for Best Cultural Magazine Editor. To pick up (RTV here).

“Despite this very difficult year, it was the year we had our best moments on the plateauLive from the universe 2, announced the winner during his first appearance on stage.

In total, Live from the universe Won six Gemini, including Special Visitor Award, undeniable ratings ahead of the Champion, District 31. Month night (Télé-Québec) and To pick up (ICI RTV), two shows produced by Pedloin in France by Pamplomus Media collected several trophies.

The black beast Triangular

In fiction, The black beast Was crowned the best drama series.

Telling the nightmares of the relatives of a 16-year-old man committing mass murder, the series plus thriller stood out in two main sections at the opening ceremony: Best Text (Patrick Lowe and Annabelle Poison) and Best Production (Sophie Terrace).

Isabelle Place, who played the tearful mother of the killer, won the award for Best Female Heroine. This is the second Gemini award in two days for the most emotional actress to thank her father. “You were my first fan. You always followed me, you always supported me,” she underlined, her eyes filled with tears.

Photo by Eric Myre, 36This Gemini Awards

Isabel Place

Theodore Bellerin won Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series Presented by Patrick SenegalYou can watch it at Club Illigo.

Third and final season Do you hear me? Aired on Télé-Québec last spring, Named the best comedy in the process, Styling Beautiful Asa Com Charges 2.0.

Even more humorous, Christine Beaulieu won Gemini for Best Actress The eye of the storm, And Guy Jodin, Best Actor Team 99. The latter used the opportunity to ask broadcasters, Club Illigo and TVA to provide a third season for the Quebec adaptation. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. “Let the products breathe. Let them take the plane. I hope we don’t care about the ratings!” He shouted.

Photo by Eric Myre, 36This Gemini Awards

Christine Beaulieu was nominated for Best Comedian.

District 31 Symposium

once again, District 31 Named the Best Annual Drama Series. On the microphone, Fabian praised the contribution of everyone who appeared in the credits of the police play written by Loorch Dion. “Without the hard work of every member of the team you can not produce daily. And the team District Before the audience thanks for their “unwavering loyalty,” the producer, if not the world, is now the best in the industry.

Photo by Eric Myre, 36This Gemini Awards

Fabian Loroch

Michael Charrett plays detective Sergeant Bruno Cogne District 31, Won the Best Leading Actor award in a one-year drama series. Maude Guérin walked out of the game on the female side 5e Rang.

Leads with 18 choices, fourth and final season, more than any other Other In the end, it won only two awards: Best Makeup and Hairstyles and Best Art Distribution, collected at the industry event on Friday.

Around Tower

Tower TVA was selected as the best talk show. During his acceptance speech, Patrick Hart, the host of the daily program, asked Quebec’s Prime Minister Franois LeCalt and Quebec Solitaire spokesman Gabriel Nado-Dubois to set an example by avoiding personal attacks. Howard mentioned the exchange at Salon Play last Wednesday, during which the word became popular Woke up Pronounced.

10e Season Chefs, Which predates 2020, was previously named Best Reality Show In the eye of the dragon, Love is in the meadow, Industry double And Star Academy.

Christian Begin (Best Animation of a Social Interesting Magazine) People are crowded), Pier-Luc Funk and Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse (Best Youth Animation) Month night) And the team behind 55e The Super Bowl (best sport or leisure entertainment) at RDS also collected gold statues. To present this last category, Gemini organizers collected seven medals at the Tokyo Olympics, including Jennifer Abel and Mood Charron.

Photo by Eric Myre, 36This Gemini Awards

Pierre-Luke Funk

Veronica Clutier presided over the ceremony. In the beginning, the guest welcomed our television, which has surpassed itself in the last 18 months since the onset of a particular epidemic. Ctienne Coppée, Elisapie and Tom-Éliot (The voice) And then united their voices The weather will be good tomorrow, With a virtual choir.

Photo by Eric Myre, 36This Gemini Awards

Veronica Clutier led the 36thThis Gemini Price.

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