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$20 Million a Week - A Huge Success for Humble's Ukraine Package

$20 Million a Week – A Huge Success for Humble’s Ukraine Package

March 27, 2022, 18:25

Sale of the Humble Stand package has ended with Ukraine. During the week-long campaign, more than $20 million was raised. The entire amount will be donated to humanitarian organizations providing assistance to the victims of the war in Ukraine.

From March 18 to March 25, fans of electronic entertainment can purchase the modest stand with the Ukraine package. At first Consists of It’s for 122 items, including 87 video games – and then added some other attractions. The total value of the entire set was more than 2000 euros, but you can buy it for only 36.39 euros (at the exchange rates at that time, the minimum price was about 172 zlotys). The amount collected in this way was to be transferred to the accounts of humanitarian organizations that provided assistance to the victims of the war in Ukraine.

The goal was commendable, so the players went shopping in droves. On Friday, two minutes after the event ended, it was sent via the Humble Bundle Twitter account announcement Saying we were able to collect them in total More than 20 million dollars. With Subpageson which you can buy the package, it seems that In euros, this amount was 18,847,201 (more than 88 million Polish zlotys).

20 Million Weeks - A Huge Success for Hempel's Package for Ukraine - Illustration #1

Source: Twitter.

20 Million Weeks - Huge Success for Humble Pack for Ukraine - Illustration #2

Source: HumbleBundle.com.

Players bought a total of 473,880 combinations. It should be noted that by Monday – the third stock day – more than 222 thousand shares had been sold. The amount collected at that time was less than 9 million euros. So it can be concluded that it was doubled by Friday.

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Now it will go entirely to four non-profit organizations: Razum for UkraineAnd the International Rescue Committee (International Rescue Committee – IRC), International Medical Corps And the direct relief. All of them provide humanitarian aid to the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Let me also remind you that the fundraising campaign is over.”Polish players for Ukraine! “. Thanks to the generosity of 1429 people managed to He collected a total of 155,538.90 PLN in it.