A Norwegian municipality wants to extend the day.  She turned to the European Commission

Norway. The northern region wants to extend the day

The authorities of one of the northern regions of Norway want to extend the day by two hours. The European Commission has been contacted regarding this matter. According to Mayor Winch Pedersen, this may help attract new residents – as Politico writes.

To the European Commission A project called “MOREtime” was received, where Vadso area Calls on the European Union to influence Norwegian authorities to create a 26-hour time zone.

– The hands on the clock will not move until 12 and 13, and we will see how things go. “I don’t think the European Commission will say yes to this solution, so we did not discuss it in detail,” Mayor Winsch Pedersen said.

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She hopes the longer days will attract more people to move to this remote area. She believes that the population of this region “has become more important than ever” in relation to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The mayor adds that additional hours can also be spent on meetings with family and hobbies.

“With our ‘MOREtime’ project, we want to celebrate and promote this unique lifestyle, giving people the opportunity to spend more time on activities such as fishing, hunting, learning new languages ​​or just being with their loved ones.” Confirm.

Norway. The district wants to extend the day

Norway Not a member european union, But it belongs to the European Economic Area (EEA). The EU directive regulates arrangements for seasonal time changes, but not the establishment of separate time zones.

However, Pedersen hopes to at least spread the word about the uniqueness of northern Norway.

Politico quoted Pedersen as saying: “In this regard, we are one of the richest regions in Europe because (…) we have more time.”

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