Star Wars reimagined in Demon Slayer style… the visuals are stunning!

news culture Star Wars reimagined in Demon Slayer style… the visuals are stunning!


In line with surprising changes like Naruto reimagined in Ghibli style and One Piece transformed into Dragon Ball style, the creators of Midjourney have struck back on Reddit with an innovative project. Thanks to this bold use of AI, a completely new vision of Star Wars is presented to the community!

In a world where artificial intelligence is flourishing and finding its place in many fields, its use in art creation is attracting increasing interest. Indeed, AI offers the opportunity to reinterpret different artistic universes, thus opening the way to new explorations and unique visual experiences. A user who goes by the pseudonym CALEBr16 perfectly illustrates this trend using AI to give. A new dimension to the universe Star Wars.

Reimagined in Star Wars Demon Slayer style: stunning visuals!

User CALEBr16, avid fan Star WarsThe galaxy continues to dazzle its community by presenting illustrations of the universe in multiple art styles. Crazy parodies in the style of Rick and Morty With majestic homages to Michelangelo, it relentlessly explores the boundaries of AI midjourney. His latest feat Star Wars An Influence: A fusion between the aesthetics of Star Wars and Demon Slayer anime.

Thanks for this collaboration, Icons like Anakin, Obi-Wan, Darth Vader, and even Stormtroopers and Boba Fett are transformed into fearsome samurai, Transporting viewers to a universe where force meets Japan's ancestral traditions. Among these impressive changes, Master Windu especially stands out,Capturing the essence of his presence and wisdom in captivating aesthetics He who killed the demon.

Star Wars Saga Revisited, A Wish Already Granted!

Fans want to see Star Wars Exploring different visual styles has already been accomplished through the series Star Wars: Visions. Available on Disney+ from 2021, the initiative allowed Disney and Lucasfilm to entrust the task of bringing the expanded universe to renowned Japanese animation studios and creators. Star Wars. In an innovative and inspiring way, the series explores samurai stories in space, addresses ideas of war and peace, and pays homage to classic works of Japanese cinema. The series offers an alternative way to experience the Star Wars universe through different art styles without relying on artificial intelligence. It is true that its use in artwork is often controversial.. Star Wars: Visions Explores new narrative and visual boundaries while preserving the authenticity of human art

About the Demon Slayer

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Before achieving worldwide success, Demon Slayer faced rejection from its publishers for this reason

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Demon Slayer was inspired by Naruto and Bleach, but not only that: another cult anime is hidden behind this phenomenon.

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2023's Best Anime of All Time: Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaizen Blown Away

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