14 lanes on the Warsaw Ring Road.  We can be proud of these ways

If you ask ordinary drivers what they think of the condition of our roads, the vast majority of them will answer that they are far from Western standards. At the same time, we can be truly proud of Poland’s achievements in the field of road infrastructure – without a trace of malice. Suffice it to recall that less than two decades ago, the motorway network in our country had a modest 441 km of length, and the total length of all highway sections was – note – 161 km!

And less than twenty years later – at the end of 2022 – drivers in Poland already have more than 1,800 km of motorways and almost 3,090 km of motorways at their disposal. This means that the Polish motorway network has increased more than eight times in that time! Single The Way of the Heroes of the Battle of Warsawthat it .highway S8 (the longest of its kind in Poland) and is currently 565 kilometers long.

Of course, we are still a long way from the results of Germany or the United States, where highways were built – in the strictly modern sense of the word – before the outbreak of World War II.

But this does not mean that we will not find divisions capable of providing thousands of motorists with a comfortable and safe ride.

He deserves a special mention in this regard A1 motorway in the section between Toszyn a Czestochowa. The length of the section is about 82 kilometers The longest motorway in Poland, where drivers have three lanes in each direction at their disposal.

It is in this section that drivers of passenger cars with trailers should especially remember the new regulations regarding the “Prohibition of Overtaking Passenger Cars”. We would like to remind you that according to the law in force for several weeks:

Quite simply – in this section the prohibition on overtaking in the left lane also applies to passenger cars with trailers.

Speaking of which episodes can confidently play the role of American Highway in Hollywood cinema productions, it is also worth noting The widest highway in Poland. We are talking about the S2 motorway, part Warsaw Southern Corridor. in the intersection section Previous reference – including so-called connected lanes – drivers have up to 14 lanes at their disposal.

Want to know more weird things about the roads in Poland? We invite you to our exhibition:

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