2% secured loan Poles benefit, and ‘prices per meter keep going up’

The demand for government-supported apartments is increasing. More is sold per day than in 2021, and prices per meter continue to rise, Puls Biznesu wrote on Tuesday.

“Puls Biznesu” reports that real estate market experts recognize the 2% Safe Credit program. Go forth with a vengeance. According to the latest data from Otodom Analytics, about 300 apartments were sold in mid-July in the seven largest cities of Poland.

These results have not been recorded Even during the peak period in 2021 which broke records in terms of sales.“- marked.

They buy because they are afraid of rising prices

– Some transactions were made by people who are not using the 2% secure loan, But they decided to buy an apartment, fearing the price increase. Another group are people who have applied for support from the government program – some developers have decided to delay the date of the first payment until the loan is granted. In this case, the apartment has a sale status. It should also be noted that many of the buyers are people who could benefit from a standard loan, but apply for government subsidies, hoping to get it – says Ewa Tuchack, an Otodom expert quoted in the article.

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The newspaper adds that the number of daily bookings is also a record – around 180. This is a harbinger of good August sales results – and it has been assessed.

The interest is increasing week by week

And representatives of classified ads sites confirm that in the second week after the start of the government program, interest was greater than in the first. Analysts from Rednet Property Group explain the rising wave by a shrinking supply of apartments and an increase in prices for buildings that meet the program’s criteria. – Many people want to buy an apartment as soon as possible Fearing that the price will be more in a month or two or it will not be available. Ewa Balos, an expert at Rednet Property Group, told the paper that finding a ready-made two- or three-bedroom apartment is already a challenge. – We learned of investment cases in which apartment price lists were changed 3-4 times since the beginning of the month, of course upwards. For larger apartments that meet program criteria, prices have been jacked up to the limit. Ewa Palos added that the prices of apartments consisting of two rooms and small three-room apartments rose more than others.

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