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Rodzaj: phishing (e-mail)
Zagrożenie: Kradzież pieniędzy+danych
Użyte marki: Allegro

A massive attack on the Poles began. The thieves impersonate Allegro in the emails. Here’s what the scam message looks like:

From: Allegro (various emails)
Subject: Your account may be banned.

Good morning, Your account may be banned due to repeated login attempts from the mobile application. In order to protect your account, please authorize and confirm your current data. If you want to continue using your account, Allegro! Remember, Allegro is for active service only! It guarantees you free delivery by courier, parcel lockers and collection points, as well as access to free returns. According to Art. ninth sec. 3 by Allegro! Account blocking is possible due to non-confirmation of current personal and billing data.
Account Confirmation

What will happen when I click on the link? Thieves will steal your Allegro login details and your payment card details and you will be robbed. Here are the different screens that the victim sees:

I received this message, have you been hacked?

no. Receipt of this message does not mean any threat. Just ignore it.

I clicked the link, has my account been hacked?

no. The click itself poses no threat in this case. Just providing data on a fake website pretending to be Allegro means trouble. If you do, please contact your bank immediately.

We have sent a CyberAlert regarding this issue

Due to the scale of the attack, we decided to send a warning to users of our free CyberAlerty mobile app and to subscribers to our free CyberAlerty newsletter, where we regularly send out warnings of major attacks against Poles.

Don’t have our app yet?
You can download it by clicking on this link.

Thanks to everyone who sent us information about this attack. Thanks to you we can warn others ❤️ Do you see anything disturbing? Let us know at [email protected]

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