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Higher power consumption thresholds

The amendment raises the consumption thresholds at which household consumers are entitled to frozen energy prices.

According to the new regulations, the limit will be increased: for households from 2,000 kWh to 3,000 kWh per year; for households with a disabled person, from 2,600 kWh to 3,600 kWh; For large family card holders and farmers – from 3,000 kWh to 4,000 kWh per annum.

The new limits will be available in 2023, even if electricity consumption exceeds the current limit. However, the deputies rejected the Senate’s proposal to raise the consumption limit to 6 MWh for heat pump users.

Low energy price

The amendment provides for this From October 1 this year, the energy price cap will be lowered – from PLN 785/MWh to PLN 693/MWh. This will relate to: local governments; small and medium Foundation; Sensitive public utility entities, such as hospitals, schools, kindergartens, nurseries, night shelters, and disabled care facilities.

The Ministry of Climate and Environment estimated that the total additional cost resulting from the increase in the limits and the reduction of the price cap would amount to about PLN 3 billion. The total effects of the defense mechanisms, including the mechanism included in the amendment, are 39 billion 711 million Polish zlotys.

The law also includes a provision on the gas sector. It is assumed that a natural gas extraction company whose obligations cover the guarantee of the state treasury under the Law on Special Solutions for the Protection of Gas Fuel Consumers in connection with the situation on the gas market, increases a one-time contribution to the payment fund price difference in the amount of the compensatory fee. The Corporation shall pay the equalization fees with the contribution of gas to the price difference payment fund due for the month following the month the law enters into force.

The law enters into force 14 days after the date of its publication, with the exception of some provisions that enter into force on a different date.

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