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May 22nd, 2019

5 Movies to Watch When The World Ends Friday

I actually forgot that the world was going to end on Friday until my brother reminded me on Facebook. Thank goodness for Facebook because without it I would not know what socks to wear much less what day the world is coming to an end on.

Before I get to the movies you probably want to know why the world is going to end on Friday. I know I was curious so I turned to the most reliable rag I could find ‘The Weekly World News’ who were kind enough to educate me that the world in fact ended 5 months ago but we all somehow missed it.

Harold Camping a religious leader predicted the end of the world in May but the world just kept chugging. It turns out the end of the world is in fact December 21st. That was ‘the rapture’ during which all the worthy people went to Heaven.

The rest of us will now be incinereated in the fires as the apocalypse comes.

Anyone else wondering why Harold Camping and his followers are still here? Any rate now you are edumacated its time to get to the movies. ¬†I¬†figured what better way to welcome the apocalypse then to watch movies about the apocalypse and indulge in just how bad things could be. So with no further ado here are 5 movies to watch on Friday when yes… no truly… the world is really going to end… this time.

Dawn of the Dead

You really can not talk about end of days movies and not include George Romeros original apocalyptic 1978 film Dawn of the Dead. Night of the Living Dead his first film is another great choice but Dawn of the Dead has a soft spot with me and is a film I have seen no less then 30 times.

I encourage those who have not seen it to check it out especially if you are a younger film fan who has only seen the recent remake by Zach Snyder which was a quite polished take on the original but still not the movie that started it all.


Go Canada! As a Canadian it warms my heart when a really great film comes out of the great white north. Pontypool is not for everyone as it leans more to wards a more intellectual horror fan but its the story of an apocalyptic event in a small town in Ontario that unfolds as a radio DJ is on air.

There was a terrible American version starring Bill Moseley called Dead Air do not confuse the two. Pontypool plays out like a stage play and is a truly monumental apocalyptic movie with so many fine points from its script to its cast and its overall look and feel.

Planet of the Apes

What is scarier then the world coming to an end? Mark Wahlberg saving it? Ok I joke! I am not talking about Tim Burton’s remake or even the most recent one starring James Franco which was a fun twist. I am talking about the original 1968 Planet of the Apes starring the original big screen bad ass Charlton Heston.

When the world comes to an end if I have to fight off the dirty apes I am going to have a problem since my end of days stock piling did not include bananas.


Emma Stone is a babe and if the world comes to an end I sure hope that I somehow find myself camped out in Bill Murray’s mansion trying to get it on… err sorry I mean get by with Emma Stone.

Zombieland is one of the funniest movies of the last decade and is an example of what great film making can and should be in a sea of otherwise lame Hollywood horror films.

The untested directors delivered one of the best film experiences in theaters for horror fans since Shaun of the Dead.


Transformers? You are probably at this point wondering what in the hell I am smoking but yes… Transformers. Because frankly all and all it is a pretty damn fun movie and if when the world ends on Friday I want to go out with a happy bombastic Michael Bay ending with the slight hope that maybe… just maybe Optimus Prime and Bumblebee might just arrive to save the day.

What movies will you be watching to survive the end of the world on Friday?

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