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June 19th, 2018

New The Dark Knight Rises ‘Commissioner’ Video Clip!

I can’t say I would apologize for the amount of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES content being shoved down our throats in the past week or so and for the upcoming week or so- in fact as long as it’s not overly spoilerific I say the more the merrier. The first clip from the film has found its way online and I’m sure it may come as no surprise, but it’s nothing too explosive or groundbreaking.

This close to release I’d be shocked to see anything deep into the film, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed considering the amount of Joker clips we were able to see before THE DARK KNIGHT came out. This clip does not feature Bane or Batman, instead it features Gary Oldman as¬†Commissioner¬†Gordon and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character having a back and forth and Levitt asking a lot of questions about what exactly went down the night that Batman and Gordon went head to head with Harvey Dent a.k.a Two-Face.

Not exactly the bang most fans probably want at this moment- I’d prefer just watching the film right now, which is exactly what I’m betting every other fan is thinking as well. The wait is almost over though and with it will come a moment of bittersweet realization- sure it will be glorious to see Batman on screen once again, but then it will sink in that according to Nolan, his work in this world has come to an end- and that is the saddest part about the release of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. If that’s the only sad thing that comes out of it, I’d say we are very lucky.

What do you think of the first clip from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?


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