Touch at a higher level?  Sony will improve the DualSense controller

In the video game industry, where innovation is the key to success, Sony has just taken another step forward.

The company has patented technology that allows you to add haptic feedback based on what the player says. This amazing solution could completely change the way we experience games again.

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Sony's new patent is called “Touch fingerprint of the user's voice“, aims to enrich gaming interactions by adding vibration through the words players say. This means that The controller's microphone will be able to pick up your voice, NPC dialogue, and general group conversations, and then turn them into tactile experiences, increasing immersion..

This approach can make communication more engaging during intense play. While the full use of this feature is still a mystery, it's already clear what it can add A new element to the existing haptic effects that Sony uses in its DualSense controller.

Sony, known for its pioneering approach to haptic technology used in its controllers, continues to experiment, This time with a new idea of ​​using sound.

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