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January 20th, 2019

The Dark Knight Rises DVD Release Date

If you are like me then you are counting down the milliseconds until THE DARK KNIGHT RISES hits theaters. Most people already have their tickets, already know what they are going to wear and some may be contemplating taking a long vacation and getting in line at the IMAX right now.

If you are even more like me, now that we are so close to the release and even before seeing the film you are excited about owning the film on Blu-Ray. Well, is it possible we already know when that day will be even though the film is a week away from release in theaters?

Please take this with a grain of salt- which is exactly what I’m doing- but I’m playing on the side of hopeful ignorance when I say according to the DVD/Blu-Ray release of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will be December 7, 2012. My speculation is this is purely an estimation by the site based on the fact that THE DARK KNIGHT was released in mid-July of 2008 before hitting DVD and Blu-Ray December 9, 2008.

So one could easily make a bet that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES could follow the same release pattern. It feels a bit too early to tell so while this news comes as hopeful speculation I wouldn’t mark your calendars just yet, unless of course you’re using a pencil.



  1. Earthbul

    I have it on good authority that it will be released on Dec.11th.

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